bob综合体育下载 Claim

The Company’s website content belongs to SUNAC’s bob综合体育下载ed files, and the files are limited to the use of Company image demonstration and non-commercial purposes, hereby any individual, institution or organization is not authorized to copy or post the files on any web or media.
Without permission from bob综合体育下载 owner, anyone is prohibited to copy, distribute, display, mirror, upload or download the files(including but not limited to the above content) in an illegal manner, otherwise the bob综合体育下载 owner shall investigate its legal responsibility in accordance with the law.


bob综合体育下载 owners are eligible for making changes to the website content without advanced notices.
bob综合体育下载 owners shall not guarantee that the information posted on the website is comprehensive or the latest data.
All images(includes but limited to illustrations, perspectives, design drawings, etc), models, text descriptions, etc, are only available as reference information, not as commitment or offer of the Company.
bob综合体育下载 owners and developers shall not assume any liability for the losses caused by the deals that any individual, institution or organization makes due to the website or depending on its content.

Developers Claim

The introductions relevant to the information of development projects in the website are subject to government’s final approval documents. The rights and obligations of commodity house sellers and buyers are subject to the commodity house purchase and sales contract signed by and between buyers and sellers.